• Mike Casale

    Mike Casale

    AVM/Data Scientist | machine learning developer, start-ups, creating business intelligence tools and predictive analytics models. Climate action enthusiast.

  • Joy Fugal

    Joy Fugal

  • Von Fugal

    Von Fugal

  • Darcy Van Orden

    Darcy Van Orden

  • Chris Bethea

    Chris Bethea

    Engineer and musician. Living in Philadelphia after ten years in Tokyo. Enjoys reading, cooking, playing guitar and keyboards, cycling, and building stuff.

  • Devin D. Thorpe

    Devin D. Thorpe

    Champion of Social Good: Author, Rotarian, Forbes Contributor, helping you use #crowdfunding, #impinv, #socent, #nonprofit to leave your mark on the world.

  • Jeffrey Paul

    Jeffrey Paul

    Hacker, researcher, third-generation entrepreneur, wannabe designer, expat, maker-outer, cook, dj, unicorn hunter. sneak@sneak.berlin 0xDF2A55C2

  • Big Cloud

    Big Cloud

    Global recruiters in data science, machine learning and AI

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